How To Raise Money

Raising Money with the help of local pawn shops

It's easy to raise money using the lending services of a local pawn broker. The trick is finding a reliable pawn broker in your area that will give you the best price for your pledge.

There are different types of pawnshops, meaning that although most all pawnshops will give you a loan on anything of value, some specialize in a particular type of item, such as Jewellery or musical instruments. If you want to pawn your watch or diamond ring, you're best off finding a Jewellery Pawnshop. The most important thing to look out for in this case is how they value your pledge. Some Jewellery pawn shops pay for gold according to the current rate on Gold. Others pay strictly by weight. The best option would be for you to get cash for your gold at the current rate of exchange.

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