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Welcome to the Pawnbroker Wiki.

Pawnbroking is the oldest way to borrow money. It's been around for centuries and it seems that this old, tried and true method of raising cash is making a comeback.

My name is Elliot. I have raised thousands of dollars since 2002 by trading gold, jewellery, antiques and other valuables with pawnbroker shops in the UK, the USA and Canada. To me, a pawnbroker is a friend, a business partner and a reliable source of cash when I need it, fast. Pawnbroking is a tried and true lending system that works fine during the good times and even better during the bad times. To many people, the local pawnbroker is somewhat of a saviour, providing immediate cash loans to people with bad credit or people who simply don't want to risk their good credit or don't have time to apply for a bank loan. The local pawnbroker is, today, the best and quickest method to raise cash. A local pawnbroker can help most anyone through a financial crisis. The top 5 reasons why people turn to a pawnbroker is:

#1) a pawnbroker will pay immediate cash for goods. Although most pawn shops will lend much less than the actual value of a pledge, you can still count on getting paid in cash, immediately. This is what most people need most these days… CASH.

#2) Pawnbrokers don't report to credit agencies. If you can't payback the loan, for whatever reason, your credit record remains unaffected and that's a good thing.

#3) There are thousands of pawn shops in the U.K, U.S., in Canada and throughout Europe. Some will even work with you via the postal service. Finding a pawnshop that pays the most for your pledge is the key to raising money.

#4) Most pawnbrokers will allow you to pay back the loan early without charge… a honourable pawnbroker will clearly state this in their T&C's, so read them carefully.

#5) When you payback the pawn loan (and you ALWAYS should) you get your valuables back and can then turn around, take that item to another pawnshop and perhaps strike an even better deal (especially with GOLD items)!

So what is this Pawnbroker Wiki site all about and why have I decided to create a Wiki on Pawnbrokers? The reason is simple… because I want to share my knowledge and help people raise money the way I have been doing for so many years by using trusted and fair pawnbrokers in the UK, U.S and Canada.

I hope you will be patient and return frequently as the pawnbroker wiki grows. Join me today and feel free to contribute.

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