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I set out to find a UK pawnshop that is innovative, offers a better valuation service AND offers pawnbroker services online. To date, I have only found ONE pawnbroking service that provides all of the above AND caters to UK residents. is the only UK Pawn broking service that provides short term loans on line, secured by valuables, such as jewellery, gold, watches, antiques and memorabilia. Short term cash loans range from 100 -100,000 GBP, for 1-6 months. Borro is a probably the next best way to get cash for gold, jewellery and high-end, luxury items. It is certainly an ideal and discreet solution for members of the upper crust that can't afford getting caught hawking the Rolex at a local Pawnshop. Like most pawn brokers, Borro's is a risk-free lender. Their no credit check loans are a safe way to protect ones credit ratings. Even if a customer defaults on the short term cash loan, their credit rating will remain unaffected.

Borro Pawnbroker Online lends £100 to £1,000,000 on jewellery, watches, art, memorabilia, luxury cars

Borro's fully qualified, experienced staff accurately values a customers goods and typically lends 40% of the second-hand value of an item. Loans on jewellery and precious gems, metals or stones, are valued according to weight and quality (e. G. The size of the diamond or the weight and quality of the gold). Borro lends against most items made with silver, gold or platinum. This includes jewellery, watches, gems or precious stones and other items that have a second-hand value of more than £200.

The UK online pawnbroker is able to offer UK consumers a fast, convenient and discreet short term cash loan over night. The short term loans can be settled at any point in time without penalties and the best part is customers pay only the interest accrued to date. Borro's low interest rates are perhaps the cheapest rates available on-line. Pay only 6% a month for loans up to £1000. Borro provides customers with specific quotes for loans above that amount.

Borro's pawnbroking staff includes valuation professionals with a collective experience of over 100 years. The company's IT staff has a solid background in all areas of online business management and development. Their combined efforts have brought forth an innovative, state-of-the-art service designed to provide financial relief to UK consumers. Borro has a satisfied customer base, throughout the United Kingdom. People from every socio-economic background, whether they have good credit or bad credit, use Borro because it is the safest, most discreet and smartest way to borrow money on line today. Join the thousands of people that have discovered a quick and easy solution to their short term cash flow problems. Try Borro's innovative on line pawnbroker services and lend yourself some money.

Borro, Ltd. , is the online sales and marketing agent of Sutton’s and Robertson’s, the UK’s oldest pawnbroker. It is a UK Limited company that specialises in providing online short term pawn loans.

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