Raise money for any purpose

Raise money for any purpose with the help of a local pawn broker.

If you are asset rich, but cash poor and need money fast, a pawnbroker loan is perhaps the wisest and quickest way to raise cash money. In today's tough economy, borrowing money from a pawnbroker to make ends meet is very common and since the beginning of this credit crisis, many UK pawnbrokers have reported a jump in business.

Perhaps you don't necessarily NEED money but rather WANT money to spoil yourself a bit. Maybe you want to borrow money to buy your wife something extra special for her birthday or maybe you want to take your family on a vacation. You can raise cash money for just about any purpose and unlike a bank, your local pawnbroker will never ask you how you intend to spend the money.

A pawnbroker pays cash on the spot for just about anything that has value - gold, jewellery, diamonds, gems and antique items, art and memorabilia. Musical instruments are common pawn items, but unless you're hawking a guitar signed by Jimmy Hendrix, don't expect to get more than 20-25% of the actual value.

Need a loan for a holiday? Begin by estimating the cost of the holiday. You may not need to borrow money for the entire holiday, perhaps you only need a few Benjamin's to help you pay for the airfare or to cover hotel accommodations. To raise anywhere from 500 - 1000, I recommend trading in gold or diamonds.

A dear friend of mine borrowed a couple thousand pounds from online pawnbroker Borro a few days ago. They are having a Christmas Loan deal where you pay no interest for an entire month. I thought to myself, now there is a wonderfully generous offer. It's a pity Borro doesn't offer pawnbroker loans to U.S. residents. With so many people laid off this year, Christmas loans offered at these relatively low rates would bring a lot of joy to many.

Pawnbroker loans for cosmetic surgery? Yes, indeed. I read an article a few years ago about a young man out in Florida. A terrible motorcycle accident left him permanently disfigured and since his insurance company would not pay for cosmetic surgery, his family and friends gathered a whole lot of goods, everything from TV's to jewellery and raised over $5,000 in one day. The local pawnbroker heard the story and decided to give them a break on the interest. When the papers got wind of the story, more people pledged items towards this worthy cause and after only a few days, over $27,000 had been raised.

A pawnbroker loan can be used for any purpose, whether you need money to pay for bills or for home repairs, don't hesitate to visit your local pawnshop whenever you need money fast.

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